Foil for construction

We produce a wide range of LDPE foil for the construction sector.

Foil dimensions:

– customized for your needs

Foil for agriculture

Black foil protects weed crops. It may or may not be UV treated.

Foil dimensions:

– costumized for your needs

Solarium foil

We produce LDPE foil for solar coating. The foil can have widths between 2m and 5m; can be treated UV or not.

Foil dimensions:

– width between 2m – 5m

– thickness between 0.1mm – 0.18mm

Foil for palletizing

We produce LDPE foil for palletizing. It can be 1.20m wide and 0.12mm thick.

Foil dimensions:

– width between 1.2m

– thickness between 0.12 mm

Foil for general use

We produce foil for general use, according to customer specifications.

Foil dimensions:

– costumized for your needs

Do you want a personalized offer?

If you want the size, composition or color customized for your needs, you can fill out a form directly on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible!