Waste purchases

We purchase from collectors legal entities (authorized to carry out the collection activity) or generators of waste legal entities, waste polyethylene or polypropylene foil / bottles / packaging sorted by colors, types, compact in order to make the transport more efficient.

Depending on the origin of the waste (from the collection system from producers and / or packers), the purchase prices are differentiated. We recommend compacting the foil waste to a density of at least 100kg/m3 in order to be able to load in a TIR at least 8 tons of waste. Transportation is our responsibility.

Types of waste

PP / PE / BOPP packaging

PP / PE color / transparent foil

Shuttles, bread crates

Big bags (Rafie)

PE / HDPE drums


Fruit boxes

Turte/purje PE/PP

Paleti PP/PE

Mase plastic (ligheane, galeti, etc)

Alte tipuri de deseuri

Experienta Ecofriend

De 24 suntem in domeniul reciclarii deseurilor, compania noastra recicleaza in fiecare luna aproximativ 700 tone de deseuri care ajung din nou materie prima.

Tone reciclate - 100.000+
Produse vandute - 54.700+
Eco Friend - 100%
Experienta - 24 de ani
Clienti fericiti - 15.000+
Dedicatie - 100%